The Russ FAmily


Greetings from the Russ famliy in El Segundo, California.  We get to live in a nice, small town in the middle of the giant Los Angeles area. Our life now centers a lot around the lives of our children. The high school band takes up a lot of our time, especially in the fall during the marching band competition season.

We really do like living in El Segundo.  It is a nice community where we run into the people we know at the super market like the second grade teacher and our minister.  One of the big events is the annual Run for Education, where everybody shows up. Most of the people in town we know are there, as is the mayor and other officials. It would be embarrassing not to show up.

We also try to spend time out-of-doors, although our family camping has suffered a bit recently, what with all of the time being taken up by school and other activities. We did recently unleash another hazard on the world because Joey just got his driver’s license!


Welcome to our world

We really like living in El Segundo.  Strange as it may seem, there is a “small town” right in the middle of the Los Angeles area. This is a place that likes to call itself “Mayberry”